Jess Lord. 22. Grantham, UK.


Not sure who was more excited about my Graduation to be honest…

I’ve always been in awe of the power of the written word.

Be that from a novel, letter, article, report or blog – I’ve always loved reading something and thinking: ‘I absolutely love how they’ve put that.’

I wrote my first article when I was eleven, at primary school. I still have it. It was about the earthquake that occurred in Market Rasen in 2008… feel free to have a read (warning, it’s a little clunky – please be kind).

Who on earth Jenny Peters is, I’ll never know – and I’m very impressed at the speed in which the Sunday Times chose to relocate to Grantham – they obviously realised that this was the place to be!

Hopefully my writing has got a little better, and slightly more imaginative than an article about an earthquake, entitled ‘Earthquake’ – but hey, if it’s not – please do feel free to drop me an email. Always looking for ways to improve:

Disclaimer: This blog may include excessive use of exclamation marks… that’s something eleven year old Jess clearly loved – and still does!